• Hard Drive: Much like the 1xx series, the 3xx series uses 1.8" Toshiba drives. The 320 uses MK2004GAL/MK2006GAL single platter drives found in the 120, while the 340 uses MK4004GAH/MK4006GAH dual platter drives found in the 140.
  • LCD screen is manufactured by Varitronix. It has a resolution of 220x176 and is capable of displaying up to 65536 color (16-bit).
  • The North American (USA) version of the H3x0 players differs from those sold in the rest of the world in that the USB On-The-Go (USBOTG) function has been crippled with the alteration of some of the components on the PCB. Other than this and the initial firmware being the only one with native DRM (Digital Rights Management) support, there are no other functional differences between the H3x0 series sold worldwide.

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