I have been useing ubuntu for 6 years now and I got my SPINN last It was obvious I was looking for a good solution to put (convert) movies and music and ....basicaly any content to my new toy. So now I am going to give you some ideas how to do that in a very simple way.

To connect your gadget to the PC, that is easy just plug it in with the data cable and is browsable and writeable and readable....

To add covers to the music..... Simple use : EasyTAG. It is in the repository....what U should do is just installing this application and U are almost done...

To convert your videos:

Use iRiverter. Install from the repository. (See this page: For SPINN (U30) there is no predefined device settings, so U should create that.

This is how U can do: Go to usr/share/iriverter/profiles

create a new file, name it to spinn.profile (sudo gedit spinn.profile) the content should be:

brand=iriver device=spinn / U30 maxVideoBitrate=512 maxAudioBitrate=128 dimensions=480x272 maxFrameRate=30 wrapperFormat=avi audioFormat=mp3

Now you're done. After restarting the iriverter there will be a new menu item under iriver, called spinn. Use that to convert your movies, videoclips....etc

Cheers, Sipi