BL_H10.ROM is the file which rarely seems to get updated, due to the nature of it. It's the file which gets flashed onto the boot ROM, when it needs to be updated...which isn't very often.

Boot images and USB connect images, etc.. can be changed in the .ROM the link will be up soon cheers LJ!

It basically contains rudimentary routines, like displaying the iriver boot logo, allowing USB connectivity

Although BL_H10.ROM is unencrypted, meaning we can dissassemble it easy enough, it uses ARM thumb commands; this is a problem, as no current dissassembler can guess what is Thumb and what is normal ARM instructions in a raw assembled file.
Here is some information on offsets for images within BL_H10.ROM, they were found using a mixture of Image Search Engine and a Hex Editor, with minor input from lovely Adobe Photoshop. They are in the following format:

image_name - size in pixels beginning offset

boot_screen - 128X128

main_screen_white_box - 128x128

arrow1 - 52x38

arrow2 - 52x38

tick - 49x50

lock - 50x50

cross - 50x50

usb busy, do not disconnect - 118x40

usb connected 116 x 11

ok to disconnect 102 x 11

system files missing - 124x84

Although this may not seem like much progress, it at least allows us to zero out the stuff within the ROM that isn't actual instructions, and creating less error within the disassembly.

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