As tasks are finished, please copy the bullet and move it to the "DONE" section (post your username, and date completed so you will get credit for your work). Also, post things you want to see happen under "TO DO" using bullets.Hopefully this will limit the number of unnecessary changes and help more important things get done. -adamti91

  • Please, please, please don't write just numbers for dates, no one is going to agree on DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD or any other variant. Take the 3 extra seconds to write the name of the month. --qupada


To DoEdit

  • finish Downloads Section
  • information on ALL flash players
  • Accessories (all of them)

In ProgressEdit


  • make quick links template (adamti91, October 9)
  • redo color scheme (adamti91, October 9)
  • Removed padding in table cells, colours go right to edges now (qupada, October 10)
  • stopped that awful resizing issue (qupada, October 10)
  • 1xx firmware download section (NPswimdude500, October 10)
  • who says ugly hacks dont solve problems. check the commented code in the templates (qupada, October 10)
  • 1xx Firmware Version History (NPswimdude500, October 11)


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